Boatracs Launches VComm IP

While not monitoring and control per se, the new Mini-M Optimizer, VComm IP from Boatracs — a business unit of Advanced Remote Communication Solutions — is designed to enable boat owners and operators as never before. Launched in early December in New Orleans, the VComm IP suite of communication and positionreporting software, along with Boatracs' 24/7/365 Network Operations Center, automates and manages data queuing and scheduling, transmission and provides fleet tracking information for the maritime fleet operator via the internet. The new package consists of three components: VComm IP Vessel, VComm IP Office and VComm IP Server. The first two are installed on a customer's vessel and in the customer's home office, respectively. The third component operators in Boatracs' NOC and provides overall system control and management. In essence, the new system helps users to optimize their Mini-M usage by providing the ability to automatically transmit data as well as message and send vessel position information to the home office. "The major advantage of VComm IP is its unique ability to reduce the cost of sending data files," said Charles J. Drobny, Jr., COO of Boatracs. "VComm IP allows users to make the most of available bandwidth by transforming Mini-M into a store-and-forward message and file transfer medium." Boatracs is partnering with Station 12 to deliver airtime service to its customers that operate fleets internationally.

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