New Remote Control Subsea Gyrocompass Introduced By Robertson

Robertson has now extended the applications potential of the Robertson Subsea Gyrocompass (RSG) with the development of a remote control.

The remote control facility incorporates a high degree of microprocessor technology. The most immediate benefit for operators will be the ability to adjust the gryocompass without the need to remove it from its pressure chamber. Thus, the RSG can now more easily be incorporated into the overall electronic system.

The RSG has been installed onboard many underwater vehicles, ranging from ROVs to Sea Bed Crawlers. This solution to the problem of underwater navigation is unique, the RSG's north seeking ability and its total absence of drift being of crucial importance to firms engaged in survey work. Actual operating experience indicates that the accuracy of such operations is greatly increased through the use of the RSG, especially where work is performed close to steel structures.

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